“The Climb” Enters At No. 2

Published December 20th 2009
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X Factor winner Joe McElderry has debuted on the UK Singles Chart at number 2 with the winner’s single The Climb. Joe is the first X Factor winner in the 6 years of the show not to debut at number 1 and also not to claim the Christmas number 1. The Climb which peaked at number 11 in the UK charts last March by original singer Miley Cyrus, broke a 5 year streak of Christmas number one’s for The X Factor, beaten to the top spot by Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name, a campaign to prevent The X Factor single from being the Christmas number 1 for 2009.

It was bound to happen at some point that The X Factor machine would run its course. Maybe next year the winner’s single might be something more original.

Nelly Furtado Announces New Album

Published December 16th 2009
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Nelly Furtado has announced her new English album will be released on May 25th 2010 via her Twitter.

Her follow up to 2006’s Loose sees her collaborating again with Timbaland as well as Ryan Tedder and Salaam Remi.

Nelly also compared the album to her debut Whoa, Nelly!, saying:

I think just generally it’s still going to be pop but I want it to have a more light energy. Sort of like my first album, but not sonically, more in a spiritual sense… more like my first album.

I don’t know if it’s going to be the same sound [as Loose] but I have worked a little bit with Timbaland who produced that album so it might have some of the same fun and energy, but not like exactly the same.

If there are a few Say It Right, Maneater and Promiscuous moments on there, this could be a really solid album with the addition of Tedder and Remi for variety.

Cheryl Cole – “Parachute”

Published December 14th 2009
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The follow up to Cheryl Cole’s 2nd single 3 Words has been confirmed as Parachute. Cheryl made her debut TV performance of the track on Saturday night during Cheryl Cole’s Night In. Although not the most single worthy track on the album, it will end her short term solo career off on a high as judging by the iTunes chart, it looks set to be another hit.

Timbaland & Katy Perry – “If We Ever Meet Again”

Published December 01st 2009
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Timbaland’s Shock Value 2 is “out there” and one of the tracks I keep going back to is If We Ever Meet Again featuring Katy Perry. It doesn’t sound like anything from One of The Boys and it’d be great if Katy decided to go in this direction for her next album.

Take a listen below:

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OneRepublic – “Waking Up” Album Review

Published November 29th 2009
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Here goes my track-by-track review of OneRepublic’s sophomore album Waking Up released November 17th.

01. Made For You – Quite a strange album opener. I would have expected them to open with All The Right Moves although this song features some lyrics from All The Right Moves making this song seem like just an intro. Normally intros aren’t full songs so it’s hard to tell whether this is meant as full song or not. The chorus is quite good but it’s a typical Ryan Tedder track in that he repeats the phrase “made for you” over and over for the whole chorus. It’s a bit tired now. The children’s choir at the end is a bit random and out of place too. It should have just ended before it got to the choir.

02. All The Right Moves – I was really surprised when I heard this for the first time because I don’t think it’s “lead single material” at all. It’s a good album track though. The verses are a bit weak but the chorus is a lot stronger and will stick in your head for hours after listening to it.

03. Secrets – This should have been the lead single, although it was in some territories. It’s a progression from the Apologize sound. It’s also a typical Ryan Tedder ballad echoing not only Apologize but songs like Bleeding Love, Halo, Already Gone and Battlefield.

04. Everybody Loves Me – Really different sound for OneRepublic. It’s quite upbeat. The lyrics are very cocky and quite funny. There’s not much to it and it lacks melody in the verses but I like it.

05. Missing Persons 1 & 2 – One of the best songs of them album until it gets to missing person 2. Had it stopped at or continued missing person 1, it could have been an even better song. The second half just doesn’t do the first half justice. It’s very Coldplay but in a good way.

06. Good Life – Before I listened to the album I was hoping there was a song as good as All We Are on this album and this is it. Good Life is the best thing OneRepublic have ever done in my opinion. Lyrically it’s very different for them because it’s such a positive song. While the chorus is quite repetitive, it has such a strong, addictive melody that’s begging for a single release. I think that if this is released as a single, it could be quite huge. Highlight of the album.

07. All This Time – Another OneRepublic ballad. It’s this album’s Come Home. It’s a nice song but nothing brilliant.

08. Fear – After Good Life, this is probably the second best song on the album. It’s a different sound for OneRepublic again. It’s quite repetitive and while the Ryan Tedder repetition can sound tired, it works well for some songs such as this and Good Life.

09. Waking Up – The title track of the album. It’s quite uptempo and anthemic. It’s one of those songs that you won’t think much of as an album track but when you hear it live, it will make sense.

10. Marchin On – Ryan Tedder seems to like his war songs a la Battlefield, Come Home and now this. Again it’s quite different for OneRepublic but not different from what Ryan has been doing for other artists in the last couple of years. Edit: On hearing the Timbaland remix, I’ve decided it’s a pretty good song (despite Timbaland’s parts seeming random and irrelevant for the first few plays). Hopefully the Timbaland remix sees a single release.

11. Lullaby – Quite a boring album closer. Like the title, it could put you to sleep. It’s very quiet and I usually stop playing the album before this song starts.

Overall it’s quite a good second effort from OneRepublic. I was really surprised that it wasn’t Apologize x11 (the easy route) for the whole album which is why I pointed out when a song was a different sound for OneRepublic. The album sounds less OneRepublic and more similar to the material Ryan Tedder has been making with other artists which isn’t a bad thing as Dreaming Out Loud was quite a boring album at times because there was very little variation in sound. It lacks a few more tracks but overall it’s a pretty good album.

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